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My Home? The idea of home in a post-pandemic world

An article about the different concepts of home and the exploration of the ideal home in a post-pandemic world. The article looks at home as enabling health and well-being, home as temporary and inadequate and home as a cultural space.

A picture of informal settlements in Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai.

Covid-19:A magnifying glass for Informality?

What informal settlers fear is hunger, intensified hunger. They cannot stay at home when what they fear is hunger. This unprecedented global crisis of Covid-19 has positioned informal spaces, housing and communities at the centre of discourse and analysis. Informal settlements can be characterised as areas that lack security for their inhabitants, with modalities ranging … Continue Reading Covid-19:A magnifying glass for Informality?

New series: Stay at Home. My Home?

I am excited to start the first series of CityPlanista titled “Stay at Home. My Home?” This series is largely inspired by the current crisis, as we enter into the fifth week of lockdown in the United Kingdom. So far, the measures of the lockdown internationally and locally have centered around one fundamental piece of … Continue Reading New series: Stay at Home. My Home?

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