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CityPlanista Launch: All About Inclusive Design

Welcome to the official launch of CityPlanista!

It is a platform for inclusive design and planning. It arrives at a time when design and planning is as relevant as ever at a global, national and local scale. A time when, the concept of home and urban space is being questioned. The world is facing unprecedented challenges and the urban environment of today is filled with scenes of complexity.

Our platform includes:

Planista Journal

Planista Journal provides a shared space to bring discussions, ideas and innovations of inclusive urban design and planning through co-creation/production and collaboration. Areas of focus include Inclusive Design, Accessibility, Urban Planning, Ageing, Disability, Informality and many more. It offers a perspective that combines the multi-dimensions of the social with the built environment. The Journal discusses topics that are often overlooked in the discourse on good design and planning. Therefore, focusing on the lives of millions of people living in informality and urban poverty. Series on specific topics will be introduced spotlighting issues of interest.

Join us in the discussion!

Planista Profiles

Interviews with diverse urbanist personalities engaged with inclusive design and planning from around the world. This includes urban planners, civic advocates, community-based leaders, architects, anthropologist, environmentalists, academics, psychologists and so much more. We hope to engage with people from all walks of life and celebrate the diversity and complexities of the urban space.

Planista Portfolio

The Planista Portfolio showcases CityPlanista publications and projects.

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