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New series: Stay at Home. My Home?

I am excited to start the first series of CityPlanista titled “Stay at Home. My Home?” This series is largely inspired by the current crisis, as we enter into the fifth week of lockdown in the United Kingdom. So far, the measures of the lockdown internationally and locally have centered around one fundamental piece of advice: Stay at Home. I see this phrase everywhere, rightly so, given the detrimental impact not staying home will have on the lives of many people and the National Health Service (NHS). This statement and its impact has provoked many questions about “home”. I pose a question in the title of this series – My Home? What does “home” mean to me and many families and individuals? What are some of the challenges of staying at home in times of crisis for people from diverse backgrounds?

I am struck by the image of “home” that is reflected in mainstream media. Interviews with families all over the country, speaking about the impact of this pandemic from a sunny corner of their well manicured garden. One child on their play gym and the other running around as the parent describes the pressures of parenting at home. I peep from another interview, another parent sitting in their office and I think to myself, how lovely it must be to have a room dedicated as an office. I think about the big garden and the playgym. I think about my home. I think about the many people who’s concept of home isn’t so simple. I think about the home-owners and the renters and those of whom “home” is a fluid and temporal concept.

Stay at home.My Home? will give perspectives from interviews with different people, sharing their perception of home during this crisis and their experiences of “making” a home.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

1st Post: My Home? Perspectives from a millenial homeowner

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